BAN Lab is a synergy of science and design founded by an actual scientist and designer.

Brittanie Dabney

Founder, CEO, & Chief Scientific Officer

Brittanie is an environmental scientist with 10+ years of experience in environmental toxicology research and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Biology & Urban Sustainability, studying the influence of microplastic toxicity on aquatic life. At BAN Lab, she focuses on the research and development of sustainably produced bio-based materials using ingredients from waste streams and renewable sources, sourcing raw materials, data analytics, and educational and STEM outreach efforts.

Najah Thomas-Young

Founder, CEO, & Chief Design Officer

Najah is a conceptual artist whose works are at the intersections of anti-fashion, sculpture, and experiential installation. Her experimentation with biomaterials led to the development of viable material findings and possible end uses. At the BAN she focuses on material development and product design to bring in early adopters. Her efforts towards development of community building and Detroit centered agricultural projects in conjunction with fine arts reinforces the integrity of the BAN mission.