BAN Lab’s Vision


Biomaterial Alternatives Network (BAN) Lab is dedicated to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly bio-based materials and products through interdisciplinary collaboration. The mission of our company is to foster the growth of the biomaterials industry in Detroit by providing a platform for biomaterial research and production. By using existing waste streams, we collaborate with students, scientists, and designers to promote innovation and circularity.

BAN Lab is a collaborative interdisciplinary lab with the goal of making Detroit a hub for bio-based materials.

The Problem with Plastics in Consumer Products

Some plastics are difficult to recycle efficiently, exacerbating waste management challenges.

Plastics are detrimental for environment and human health

Less than 20% of textiles recycled

The BAN LAB Solution

Bio-based materials produced & sourced with low environmental impact

Fostering a circular economy through recyclable and compostable alternatives

Collaborative efforts that drive widespread adoption of bio-based materials for positive environmental impact.

Upcoming Events

From science and design collaborations to raw material sourcing, learn more about how you can assist with BAN LAB’s mission toward a sustainable future!

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