Get Involved

Join the movement to make more sustainably produced bio-based materials and products accessible! At BAN Lab, we’re always looking for those interested in collaborating on pilot projects, art installations, scientific research, sourcing of ingredients, and more!

Interested in working in our space?

BAN Lab is actively seeking volunteer contributors and interns who are interested in contributing their skills and expertise as designers, scientists, or event support personnel. By collecting information from those interested in working with us, we aim to build a network of dedicated individuals passionate about our mission. As we develop our interdisciplinary collaborative space, this information will be used to match scientists, designers, hobbyists and interns with suitable projects and opportunities, ensuring a mutually beneficial and fulfilling experience for all involved.

Interested in event, research proposal, and educational collaborations?

If you’re interested in working with us on research grant proposals, community outreach initiatives, art installations that inspire change, educational events that spread awareness, or product demos that showcase our bio-based materials’ potential, we welcome your ideas and creativity! BAN Lab believes in the power of collective efforts and diversity of perspectives to drive meaningful change. Please reach out with details and our team will follow up.

Interested in donating waste or exploring ingredient/material sourcing collaborations?

Our core focus is on the development of bio-based materials by utilizing local waste streams, fostering a circular economy, and reducing our ecological footprint. If you are an individual, business, or organization interested in donating waste materials or collaborating with us to experiment with waste products, please fill out our short form below! Your contribution can come in various forms, such as agricultural residues, food waste, industrial byproducts, or any other organic materials that hold the potential for creating bio-based materials!